Campaign details

Brand: Sintex
Brand owner: Sintex Industries Limited
Lead agency: DDB Mudra Group
Country: India
Industries: Industrial & manufacturing
Media channels: Online video, Social media
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Sintex single-handedly created the overhead water tanks category in India. However, over the years, the Sintex brand became generic to the category and every black overhead water tank was referred to as Sintex.

The company wanted to demonstrate its philosophy of 'active thinking' and make a difference to society at large.

Being a water storage solution, it made sense for Sintex to take up the cause of nature's biggest water reservoirs – our rivers – which have been dying a slow death.

Sintex created a film that personified a river on a mission to find and punish those guilty of its mistreatment. The film went viral and helped people associate Sintex with championing clean rivers and with active thinking.

Market background and cultural context

The dark knight dotted along India's skyline