Campaign details

Brand: Monster India
Brand owner: Monster
Lead agency: Famous Innovations
Country: India
Industries: Employment, recruitment, staff
Media channels: Online video, Television
Budget: 5 - 10 million

Executive summary

This is the story of a brand that wanted to introduce a conversation about quality to a category obsessed with just volume. India being a developing country, with the highest population of young individuals in the world, job opportunities are not aplenty. Finding a job that matches with an individual's skill set is an arduous task that takes a lot of time and patience because there is a dearth of jobs.

Employment portal India believed that all its competition brands would harp on about the number of job options they could provide but would not talk about the quality of these jobs. Thus it decided to focus on quality of life, not just livelihood. The insight we mined was that, in a region obsessed with responsibility, FOMO and over-competition, work has been over-glorified as worship, even at the cost of personal life.