Campaign details

Brand: Livguard Inverter Batteries
Brand owner: SAR Group
Lead agency: Famous Innovations
Country: India
Industries: Home appliances
Media channels: Online video, Social media, Television
Budget: 1 - 3 million

Executive summary

This is the story of a brand that wanted to be perceived as a technologically superior one in an innovation-less category – a category that has players who continue to talk only about the faith consumers have in their products, but who fail to give any other technology-centric reasons to their audience.

Inverter and battery brand Livguard planned to talk about its technological superiority in a simple and easily understandable manner, without confusing the audience. The insight we arrived at was that brands in the inverter battery category use jargon to compensate for the lack of innovation, but people see through this disguise. We emphasised two simple words that conveyed the superiority of our product: smart and strong.