Checky: Pictures full of warmth

Campaign details

Brand owner: Fuji Film
Lead agency: BBDO and Proximity China
Brand: Checky
Country: China
Industry Cameras, photography
Media: Events & experiential, Internet - display, Internet - search, Online video, Outdoor, out-of-home
Budget: 5 - 10 million

Executive summary

How can printed photos ever find its place in this era of smart phones and digital photos?

Checky (which takes polaroid-style pictures) found a way.

It began with the realization that Checky cameras could never win against smart phones which people now use as their default photography gadget of choice. This led us to re-position Checky: from simply being 'a camera,' to being 'a key part of a ritual of touch.'

At the height of one of China's coldest winters, Checky's "A Warm Touch Wins Over Pixels" campaign encouraged young Chinese couples, friends, and families to give each other more touch. And, by touching each other, they create more warmth so their Checky photo can develop faster.