WARC Talks: Social commerce and the creator economy

In this episode of the WARC Podcast WARC talks the Marketer's Toolkit 2022, covering the key themes identified in the report, focusing on social commerce and the creator economy.

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01:12 – How has the creator economy has developed and where is it heading in 2022? 03:30 – How has the dynamic between creators and brands changed? 04:11 – How have huge productions like MrBeast’s Squid Game changed to the conversation around creators? 05:39 – What is social commerce, and why is it so important when we think of creators? 08:11 – What trends are you seeing around creators on TikTok? 10:47 – Can you explain YouTube’s new live shopping features. 13:57 – Can you explain the metaverse? 16:07 – Where do creators fit in to this picture? 19:45 – Is there a commerce angle here too - for example, NFTs? 21:40 – how are creators approaching the world of NFTs, web3 and blockchain? 26:20 – Where do different regions sit in terms of consumer behaviour and tech in these areas? 28:45 – What are the best examples you’ve seen of brands and creators working together? 32:04 – What are your prediction for this area in 2022?