"Most industries have a last mile problem. We have a 'first second' problem."

That was what Jayesh Easwaramony, InMobi's Vice-President and General Manager of Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, observed of mobile video viewability in a recent webinar hosted by Mobile Marketing Association APAC.

Mobile is big: that's hardly news in Asian markets. And so is video: 64% of all online videos are set to be viewed on mobile devices by next year, according to Zenith's Online Video Forecasts 2016 report. According to PWC's Internet Advertising Report in Q4 2016, nearly half of US$9.1 billion in digital video spend is accounted for by mobile video ad spend (US$4.2 billion), while total global mobile ad spend (US$36.6 billion) already surpasses half of all digital ad spend (US$72.5 billion).

Mobile now dominates as the primary digital video viewing screen with 52% of global digital video views (Ooyala's Global Video Index Report).

"There are many modes to reach the user today when he is consuming video or when he's consuming other content," said Easwaramony.