The case for change

With fragmentation now impacting the media landscape, brand managers are finding it harder to land vital equities with mass audiences. No wonder then that Peter Field & Les Binet point to the long-term decline in campaign effectiveness in their book ‘The Long & Short of It’. We’ve reached the point where big spenders like Procter & Gamble are suggesting we all plan for ‘a world without advertising.’

At BE THE CHANGE (London, February 2019), a fresh conference platform that promises to confront today’s marketing issues and offer new thinking and ideas, fragmentation was the initial focus, as this increasingly observed phenomenon sees consumers asserting individuality and prompting the ‘end of the middle’ in CPG categories.

This was what Unilever CMO Keith Weed meant when he posed the question in 2018: “How do you create the power of a brand with consistency and integration?” In other words, with brands scattered across literally hundreds of social media channels globally, and fewer eyeballs on the shiny TV ads, how can brands build personas in people’s psyche powerfully and consistently?

A new approach