Need to know

  • One high-profile issue that consumers, retailers and manufacturers are questioning is the overuse of plastic packaging. According to IRI research, three-quarters of shoppers across Europe say they prefer to buy products with environmentally friendly packaging.
  • Shoppers are increasingly discerning about where they choose to shop, how they shop and product selection. Almost 70% of shoppers preferred to buy products from companies that were seen to be fair and transparent, respected the environment, used recyclable packaging and had low food miles.
  • Brands that have no eco-credentials may be at risk of losing out to competitors that have, for example, chosen to go carbon neutral or pursue a zero-waste policy.
  • With the growing demand for sustainable products and services, brands can attract and retain customers by meeting these needs, which in turn generates greater brand awareness and sales.
  • Whatever cause you choose ensure it aligns closely to your brand values.