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When I travel interstate, I am usually oblivious to the space around me. Travelling to Sydney from Melbourne is a trip I’ve done many times, usually in a dazed state from the red eye flight in. So, for me to notice the digital screens touting Apple's new privacy features, they must have taken over every piece of ad space in the terminal. 

As I boarded the train I began to think: "I should really review my Google and Facebook privacy settings."

That was six weeks ago. Do you think I've updated my settings? No. Truthfully, I hadn’t given it a second thought until I sat down to write this article.

Now, I’m not a researcher, privacy lawyer or privacy officer. I am a partner at a global creative and digital consultancy. My specialisation is data-driven marketing, working with some of Australia’s leading brands to use data to create omni-channel strategies. This involves identifying opportunities to collect data to learn more about their customers and how they want to be communicated to.