The Face, the seminal British magazine that reached its peak in the 1980s and 90s before closing down in the mid noughties, is back. Addressing a new moment of political and cultural crisis, the monthly print magazine that brought the UK an idea of style – not as consumable fashion but as a considered attitude – is returning as an online publication and a print quarterly. The team behind its resurrection believes that the publication has the cachet and the journalistic chops to say something different about 2019.

“Does anyone here not know what The Face was?” Jason Gonsalves, brand director of The Face, asked an audience at an event in Soho. As an early fan, his new position at the resurrected magazine is something of a dream come true. Typical of the demographic that remembers the original publication, Gonsalves grew up in the 80s and was young in the 90s, during The Face’s peak. To many members of the new target audience, The Face folded before they could really become aware of it, but the magazine is betting on the fact that there will always be 19-year-olds, and they will always need a guide to what’s cool.