Television is a key advertising channel in Ghana

Nicky Nole
Bear Native Consultancy

Ghana: Africa's resilient economy, abundant natural resources and people power is now thrusting the continent into the spotlight as the next big global money maker. According to the African Development Board, the time is ripe for investors and marketers to tap into the potential of Africa. With consumer spending hitting $1 trillion in 2012 and a middle class totaling around 300 million, the nations of Africa are enticing brands and businesses to their lands by demonstrating a return on investment higher than in any other region in the world.1 And within this vast continent, Ghana cannot be ignored. Ghana is one of the most stable nations in the region with one of the fastest growing economies. It is a young nation with the median age at 21.7 years old. Ghana is in the process of creating an infrastructure that looks to set its capital, Accra, as the hub of technology development for the region.