At a glance

Wellness is now worth £2.8 trillion globally, and British consumers are forecast to spend £487 per head annually by 2022, according to analytics firm GlobalData. This means wellness-oriented products need to work hard to stand out.

Why it matters

People are using packaging as a way to make their healthier choice, so it’s important to make a brand’s packaging work hard to communicate this balance of nutrition and enjoyment.


  • There are several key elements that make for a successful recipe in today’s food packaging environment. These include creating taste appeal through design, balancing nutrition with enjoyment, emphasising sustainability, shouting about quality ingredients, and thinking beyond the pack towards the overall brand experience.
  • To realise an object of desire means creating something that is covetable, often through contemporary colour, illustration or photographic style. Brands have to deliver that pop on the shelf, which often means breaking category codes to disrupt things.
  • Along with expressing how the product tastes and looks, when it comes to quality, packaging is a vital vehicle for driving a positive perception.