When sailing to distant shores, operating principles are often more useful than brand values.

“An interesting... idea [is] that leadership teams must share common beliefs and values. This is now a frequent demand… One would hope that the experience of North Korea would have cured people of the idea that forcing everyone to believe in and value the same things is the road to high performance.”

–Richard Rumelt, Good Strategy, Bad Strategy

Maps matter.

When they’re well made and accurate, you can navigate to far off destinations, or use them to sail into the unknown in search of gold, knowing you’ll be able to chart your way back.

When they’re poorly made, you crash on the rocks and drown.

The same is true of the maps we use in business, especially those we use in brand strategy – brand onions, houses, pyramids, temples, keys and canvases, all of which are ways of mapping (capturing on paper) how an organisation needs to operate in order to achieve its business goals.