Marketing in the COVID-19 crisis

This article is part of a special WARC Snapshot focused on enabling brand marketers to re-strategise amid the unprecedented disruption caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak.

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Why it matters

As brands tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, they can potentially apply learnings from markets that were hit early by the virus to countries where the infection rates are behind the norm. Having a clear strategic playbook can protect staff as well as mapping out a strategy for returning to growth.


  • Finding ways to inform, entertain or inspire consumers while they are stuck at home represents a valuable engagement opportunity.
  • During the “recovery” and “normalization” phases in individual markets, messaging should not immediately return to the hard sell, as consumers are likely to have residual stress.
  • Preparations for the recovery should be on-going, as an increase in consumer spending is likely once the COVID-19 threat recedes.