At a glance

Influencing algorithms to get to consumers is not new, marketers have all performed some Search Engine Optimisation to keep afloat in Google’s sea of information. However, in an age where your fridge could be buying your milk for you, the algorithm could become the final decision maker. Pretty soon, marketers will need to evolve from SEO to AO: Algorithm Optimisation.

Why it matters

When the AI platforms start to automate buying actions, brands that are both functional and emotionally connected to consumers will be missed and actively searched for, others are at risk of dying out completely.


  • Now that you still have a direct relationship with the customer; work on your brand identity like never before, and think seriously about how you can become the best and most loved brand within your category.
  • Learn lessons from your customer reviews and keep acting upon them – keep in mind that the quality of your products will remain of the essence.
  • Keep a close eye on the voice advertising models of Google and Amazon, experimenting with these early advertising models will give you first mover advantage on their platforms.