Poh Heng Jewellery is a 70-year-old brand that is tapping into its storied past to build new relevance with consumers in Singapore.

The proof comes with “Legacy”, a jewellery collection that launched in the run up to 9th August – the country’s National Day – this year, and was supported by a “Wear Your Story” marketing campaign that proudly celebrates seven decades of history for the company, as well as Singapore’s own development since becoming an independent nation in 1965.

Celine Goh, a jewellery designer and buyer at Poh Heng, found inspiration for the “Legacy” line by spending time in the company’s archive – an enviable collection of antique gold jewellery and memorabilia that offers a deep insight into how the brand, and customer tastes, have evolved over time.

“I was learning about the founder’s story,” she explained to WARC, referring to Chng Tok Ngam, who established Poh Heng in 1948, “[and] looking through all these old photos and these pieces of Peranakan jewellery from the 1940s and 1950s. And the idea for the collection just hit me.”