After decades of growth, FMCG sales in developed countries have largely reached capacity. Whereas in the past, success was about large-scale manufacturing and making stock available everywhere, the key to growth now is understanding the consumer better and tailoring the product and retail range to suit.

What consumers want is a more personalised experience both in terms of the products that are available to them, and the shopping experience itself.

Personalisation is a trend that is not going away. Whether that’s offering something that is completely individualised, or simply better understanding the character of specific neighbourhoods and stores, there is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach to retailing and bigger isn’t always better.

In this article we will consider some of the approaches that retailers and manufacturers have been taking with some particular examples from key European countries.

Totally unique

The consumer quest for personalised products to purchase manifests itself within FMCG and beyond. Multinational sportswear brands Adidas and Nike for example offer customisation of their footwear, from the selection of colour and material, through to a print of your children’s initials on a pair of football boots.