“At Burger King, we’ve been telling people for years that they can have it their way. That was our line and we’ve been putting the crown on everyone’s head.” Campaigns such as Proud Whopper and Bullying Jr perfectly reflect Burger King’s purpose as described by CMO Fernando Machado in a WARC interview earlier this year. And the brand’s latest Latin American initiative, Traffic Jam Whopper, is in true Burger King style, allowing drivers in Mexico City to order a burger while stuck in gridlocked traffic.

Keeping up with a global reputation

Mexico presents a challenging market for Burger King. Marco Vega, co-founder of local agency We Believers, says: “We were brought in to effect a turnaround, as Burger King had lost some of its lustre.” This is partly due to the fragmented nature of the Mexican market; not only does Burger King have to compete with “the usual suspects”, such as McDonald’s and Carl’s Jr., but it also has to fend off smaller restaurants and street-food joints.