Why it matters

If brands are able to understand users’ motivations for engaging with online content, it improves their chances of delivering contextually-relevant communications – and enhances the likelihood of consumers responding positively to those messages.


  • Audiences are less likely nowadays to seek distraction from online content. Instead, they’re seeking experiences that “add meaning” to their lives.
  • Consumers are more likely to be in certain ‘moments’ at particular times of day. Marketers can hone in on this data, and push out content in accordance with the findings.
  • According to the report, consumers are 7% more likely to share content than they were in 2016. When people connect with content, the next touchpoint is usually to share it with people they feel will also benefit from it.

Modern living brings many distractions, causing consumer attention to be fleeting. We therefore need to understand how to engage audiences in the moments that matter to them to deliver more valuable experiences and drive better brand results.