Why it matters

Gen Z consumers are less likely to drink alcohol than previous generations, forcing an evolution in the alcoholic beverages category for both product development and marketing approach.


  • The rapid rise of the zero-alcohol category is part of a much broader conscious-driven movement, especially for Gen Z shoppers.
  • Gen Z seeks quality drinks that have been made with only them in mind from the get-go, especially when parting with precious pennies. Don’t cut corners with this demographic.
  • Brands need to design their packaging, marketing materials and social media collateral with social media in mind.

It’s well-documented that the growing ‘zero-alcohol’ beverage category is being driven by Gen Z, and to a lesser extent, millennials. With Gen Alpha on the horizon who’ll likely follow Gen Z’s footsteps, the booze industry appears at first-look to be in jeopardy. No wonder then, that Diageo, Guinness, BrewDog, Heineken and Carlsberg have all rushed to launch their own zero-alcohol drinks to ensure they cater for today’s consumer. And it’s why the likes of Seedlip, bought by Diageo, have done incredibly well.