Driving Female App-etites

Theresa Loo, Ren Chao and Jane Liu
Ogilvy & Mather China and Analysys

There are two inalienable truths about China. One: it produces and purchases the highest number of cars in the world. Two: it is a market intimately attached to its mobile phones, more so than any other nation. How does one use these two basic insights to target a new bracket of consumers and find innovative ways to reach them in this evolving buyer's landscape?

For car marketers, this is a particularly urgent question. With the economy moving towards a plateau, they are aggressively searching for new growth and expansion opportunities. Females are turning out to be a particularly intriguing target. Not only did their "intention to buy a car" surpass that of males in 2013, they are also buying cars at a higher price point. For vehicles worth RMB120,000 and up (US$20,000+), the percentage of female ownership is higher than male.