Marketers around the world are focused on how to reach Millennials: but it's increasingly their younger siblings and children – the Centennials, born from 1997 onwards, experiencing their first taste of independent purchasing power and navigating their first steps into the workforce – who will be the real drivers of change over the next decade or so.

Nowhere will that change be more dramatic than in Asia.

By 2030, there will be more than 700 million Asian Centennials. That's 55% of the global centennial population, and more than double the population of the United States!

For many Asian Centennials, it can feel like the world is against a teen's success – sometimes literally, in the case of the environmental stressors that bedevil many Asian countries – especially as this persistent struggle is all Asian centennials have ever known.

In a world where structural concerns, rather than innate capability or drive, is often what holds them back, their starting point is usually "we," not "me."