Imagine luxury jewellery brand Tiffany in anything other than robin egg blue or Coke without its red or McDonald’s golden arches not being golden. Colour is a ubiquitous part of our lives and for consumers and brands alike, an incredibly important one.

Colour is a driver of brand awareness and is inextricably tied into a brands visual language. It is an identifier, the thing that becomes familiar with consumers; it’s often the thing they look for on signage, on-shelf or anywhere they have to search it out. When it comes to creating and building brands, colour is one of the fundamental building blocks. It’s a huge industry, with colour forecasting trends set five years in advance, trends which then run across every sector. Colour sells.

The colour of money

There is a huge amount of research into the psychology of colour, with big brands investing millions in colours to create audience appeal and colour palette variants for the external markets in which they operate.