Very few purchases are more visceral than the experience of buying a car. From the point of view of a car buyer, it’s been a high involvement, high friction consumer journey on the path to purchase. Prospective car buyers would have to commit considerable time before making a purchase. This would involve multiple trips to and from various dealerships and conversations with numerous sales people in search for the right car and the best deal. The entire process could take months.

Today the tools of the internet have empowered the consumer and made it easier for brands to reach them without friction. The internet is now the number one information source for vehicle buyers (see Chart 1).

Source: 2016 Car Buyer Journey, Autotrader & Kelley Blue Book

81% of prospective car buyers in Asia Pacific say that the internet is the first place they look when they need information1. With access to websites, apps, independent reviews all available at the click of a button or tap of the thumb, it has never been easier. The entire journey can be fully mapped online, from research to purchase – all without leaving the screen. Yes, people are even buying cars online, in markets as diverse as China and India. In 2017, BMW’s Mini brand made the Mini JCW Pro Edition available for sale exclusively on Amazon India.