Just over one-third of American adults have engaged with ads on Amazon, according to the latest research from Feedvisor. Among those who have purchased a product on the platform in the last 24 months, 35% have clicked on a product ad when browsing.

Overall, 17% were unsure if they had even engaged with ads on Amazon. This indicates how easily they blend in with organic search content on the platform.

However, only 21% of people think advertisements on the Amazon platform are helpful, the third most popular answer. This jumps to 60% for those who buy products online daily or almost everyday. Instead, more people do not notice them (31%) or find them distracting (25%).

Marketers are paying more and more attention to Amazon, in part due to the platform's strong brand value and rich consumer behaviour data. However, growth in Amazon's ad revenue has been cooling continuously since Q1 2018.