Average advertising revenue per user (ARPU) continues to rise for Facebook, according to the latest company reports. Advertising ARPU reached $6.01 worldwide in Q3 2018, up 2.04% from the previous quarter and up 20.9% from Q3 2017. This is despite a number of recent challenges and controversies for the company, including the widespread presence of illegitimate accounts, the introduction of GDPR and the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

North America registers both the highest advertising ARPU and the greatest growth rate, reaching $27.11 per user in Q3 2018. This is a rise of 6.61% from the previous quarter and nearly one-third (31.0%) from the previous year. While Europe registered one million fewer monthly users, a rise in advertising revenue has meant it also saw ARPU grow. The region saw levels rise 0.81% from the previous quarter and 29.3% from Q3 2017.

Africa, Latin America and the Middle East (Rest of the World) was the only region to see advertising ARPU decline from the previous quarter, dropping 4.74% to $1.81. However, this was still a rise of 14.6% from the previous year. Asia Pacific saw advertising ARPU grow 2.31% from Q2 2018 and 17.7% from Q3 2017.

This growth in advertising revenue per user is encouraging for Facebook, which has recently introduced new ways to monetise engaging audiences through chatbots and augmented reality. As a result, the company accounts for nearly 20% of total online adspend. However, up to 10 million 13-17 year-olds left the platform during Q1 2018.