Advertising spend per head of the Australian population is forecast to reach new highs this year, with a projected rise of 0.4% to A$658.3, according to data from WARC and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This follows 2017 registering the highest level recorded yet at A$655.8, though this represented a year-on-year increase of just 0.1% from 2016. Total Australian adspend in 2017 was measured at A$16.2 billion, and is projected to rise to A$16.6 billion in 2018.

As expected, adspend per capita tallies with the overall amount spent on each media channel. Within the 2017 total, the highest per capita spend was on internet, at A$319.7. It was followed by TV (A$161.6), then newspapers (A$62.9), radio (A$51.1), outdoor (A$37.2), magazines (A$17.6), and cinema (A$5.8). Internet, outdoor, and cinema are forecast to increase in 2018 whilst declines are expected for all other channels.

In line with long term advertising trends, newspapers and magazines have recorded heavy losses in advertising spend per capita since 2007, while internet has registered substantial growth.