Amazon’s advertising revenues more than doubled from the previous year to top $2bn during the first three months of 2018, company reports show. The figures were buoyed by an accounting change that increased total segment income by $560m, though advertising was still the fastest-growing component, up 72% percent from Q1 2017.

The e-commerce giant has been aggressively shifting into programmatic ad technology. It’s core offerings in this area include Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), a suite of pay-per-click products including sponsored, search and display ads.

Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) is the company’s Demand Side Platform (DSP), available via Amazon itself or through accredited agencies. The service enables advertisers to reach Amazon’s audiences on third party sites and apps through display ads such as banners, interstatial and video.

An AAP media buy is the only way advertisers can target Amazon shoppers away from Amazon itself, and AMS is also the only way advertisers can buy ad space on Amazon’s own websites. Aside from leveraging its extensive customer data, Amazon may yet embrace video advertising on its Prime service, which has over 100m paying subscribers.