Approximately 16% of Americans aged 18 and over, equivalent to 39 million people, already own a smart speaker. Some 11% of Americans own Amazon’s Alexa device, while 4% have purchased Google’s Home assistant. Almost two-thirds (65%) of owners wouldn’t want to go back to life without their smart speaker.

Two in five (39%) owners said that the time they spend with their smart speaker replaces time they spend with traditional AM/FM radio, though 71% said they are now listening to more audio since getting a smart speaker. One in three (34%) said they are using their smart speaker at the expense of their smartphone, and 30% do so instead of TV.

Aside from listening to audio, owners are buying products with their smart speakers. Of those that had made a purchase, the majority (58%) bought household supplies. Over half (51%) had bought electronics, and 48% had purchased health and beauty products.

This Data Point was drawn from April's Global Ad Trends report, which focuses on radio and digital audio.