US, Video consumption among African Americans

An overview of video consumption among African Americans between 2014–2016.

The average African American (aged 18+) registered daily video consumption of 07:33 hours in 2016, according to data from WARC and Nielsen. This represents an increase of 13 minutes from 2014, when consumption stood 07:20.

Of the four video consumption devices monitored (on a user basis), TV accounted for the most African American time on 07:00 in 2016, a significant 05:40 more than the next-placed PC (01:19). , followed by . While TV is still the preferred channel for video consumption among African Americans, it has seen daily time decline from 2014, falling 49 minutes. In contrast, the PC has gained 38 minutes over the same period, with tablet consumption up by 8 minutes and smartphones up by 7 minutes.