Campaign details

Brand: Supermatch
Brand owner: Banca de Quinielas del Uruguay
Agency: Publicis Impetu
Country: Uruguay

Executive summary

In 2018, Supermatch carried out an integrated campaign with the objective of increasing its usage and highlighting some of its new features.

Focusing on the observation that there are 3 million sports experts in Uruguay, a story was developed in which 15 personalities from the Uruguayan sports world embodied experts from different fields of work who follow their hunches to predict match results.

The campaign allowed Supermatch to reposition itself in the market, far exceeding its commercial expectations.

Communications challenge

Supermatch is a sports betting operator owned by Banca de Quinielas del Uruguay and has been in the country since 2005.

Banca de Quinielas del Uruguay has been organizing the most popular gambling games in the country for decades, but unlike the rest of them, Supermatch is not based on chance: it is a fixed-dividend game based on the forecasts that each user makes. It is also the only online sports betting game authorized by the Ministry of Economy through a license granted more than 15 years ago.