Campaign Overview

Beginning in 2015, Supercheap Auto's "Best Performing Oils" campaign has become an annual campaign much loved by audiences not only in Australia and New Zealand where Supercheap Auto operate, but loved around the world. These campaigns are brave and innovative, each year raising the bar yet again for campaign impressions across traditional and digital channels, and increasing like for like sales in the engine oil category year on year.

This year's idea entailed branding four separate Stadium Super Trucks (SST) with the logos of Gulf Western, Castrol, Nulon and Penrite, and then have them perform a complex and highly dangerous chase sequence that tested the trucks, and their lubrication, to the absolute extreme. Creative Director Josh Weier, Director Allan Hardy and the Supercheap Auto team Reece Moger - Content Manager & David Bauer - General Manager - Customer Communication & Engagement developed and refined the creative and production collaboratively.