Campaign details

Brand: Sprite
Brand owner: Coca-Cola
Agency: Santo Buenos Aires
Countries: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru

Market background

Haters around the world are constantly posting painful comments on social media. Teenagers are the most affected by this hateful behavior, which can lead to depression and even, tragically, suicide.

Challenge and business objectives

  • Recruit a new generation of teens and build and emotional bond with them
  • Build brand credentials


As one of the closest brands to teens, we got involved in the conversation by giving them new vocabulary and new tools to react to the verbal violence.

Our concept was: It’s haters season. Stay fresh. #ILOVEYOUHATER


The campaign was conceived as integrated, to reach teenagers from different segments with the objective of causing real impact in their communities.

  • On social media, we produced over 1,000 GIFs that teenagers could use to reply to hateful comments with love.
  • Local and international musicians created new songs using their own haters’ comments. Across TV, radio and social media, they showed that by staying fresh, you can neutralize any kind of aggression.
  • Pole-dance world champion Alberto del Campo created a choreography based on his haters’ comments and danced to the sound of haters’ voices on TV and social media.
  • Through big data analysis, we found the biggest hater in Argentina and created a social experiment by putting him face to face with his victims. The stunt was documented in a three-minute film which featured on several media platforms (social media, cinemas, PR).


  • More than 1.5bn impressions
  • Organic reach of more than 65m on Twitter
  • More than 363% in earned media
  • Over 3,000 articles worldwide
  • #1 trending topic in three countries