Campaign details

Brand: Renault
Brand owner: Groupe Renault
Agency: DPZ&T
Country: Brazil

Market background

After four years of crisis, the Brazilian automotive market has been growing in production and sales and, since 2017, it has been surpassing projections. For 2019, expectations, even if moderate, pointed to a growth of around 10.1% compared to 2018.

Challenge and business objectives

In 2018 – the year which marked 20 years of manufacturing in Brazil for Renault – the automaker pursued a market share increase of 0.7% (from 7.7% to 8.4%). Even without factoring in product launches, it managed to reach a historical market share of 8.7%. After that success, 2019 brought an even more ambitious goal: a 0.6% increase, to reach 9.3% market share.

The challenge was to launch the new Kwid Outsider through a high-impact campaign that would aid brand recall and, importantly, result in a sales success.