Campaign details

Brand: Tierschutzverein München (Munchen Animal Shelter)
Agency: Serviceplan
Country: Germany

Background and objectives

The Munich Animal Shelter is one of the largest in Europe. We were asked to create a campaign to raise awareness of the hundreds of dogs who are waiting for new owners.

Considering that some of them have been living in the shelter for many years, we had to come up with an innovative way to attract attention, with a very low production budget and no money for media.


Nothing strengthens bonds like music. So, when a study from the University of Glasgow revealed that dogs have individual tastes in music – just like people – we felt inspired to initiate a new way of adopting shelter dogs.


We teamed up with music streaming service Spotify to create Adoptify, matching shelter dogs with potential owners based on their musical tastes. How? While users were listening to their favourite music on Spotify, video banners suggested them dogs whose taste in music matched their own.