Campaign details

Brand: March For Our Lives
Agency: McCann NY
Country: United States

Executive summary

In 95% of public schools in the United States, lockdown drills are as common as math and science classes. Students learn terrifying lessons like how to barricade doors with tables and how to balance on toilet seats so that gunmen can’t see their feet. March For Our Lives – the student-led organization that emerged in the tragic wake of the shooting in Parkland, Florida – believes politicians have shifted the responsibility of preventing mass shooting to kids, forcing millions of them to become experts in their own survival instead of tackling any meaningful gun reform.

Our objective is to change that. March For Our Lives has created this film to rally support for a real solution – the S.42 Background Check Expansion Act, which closes loopholes in gun laws and stops people with a criminal or mental-health history from purchasing guns.

Background and objectives