LAICA: I Grew Up With Sugar

Campaign Details

Brand Owner: LAICA
Agency: Publimark Lowe
Brand: Dona Maria
Country: Costa Rica
Industry: Food
Channels Used: TV, print, online display

Executive Summary

This campaign tackled media misconceptions and cultural hearsay about sugar. An integrated advertising effort, including TV, print, online and sponsorships, aimed to tell the "truths of sugar": that it's natural, everywhere and has only 16 calories per teaspoon.

Campaign background

In Costa Rica, and in the rest of the world, sugar has been demonized.

People have been led to believe that sugar causes numerous health problems – such as diabetes – to the point of being described as a "legal drug".

This slander reached its most critical point when La Gaceta, the official newspaper of the Costa Rican government, published a law that banned the sale of high-sugar products in the nation's public schools.