Campaign details

Agency: TBWA\India
Brand: Datsun redi-GO
Brand owner: Datsun
Market: India

Executive Summary

As a new and unknown entry-level car brand in India, Datsun redi-GO needed a compelling voice, given that its competition was a well-established leader with over 30 years of dominance in the automotive category. We decided to connect with Young Risers with the self-belief to not accept the world the way it is. To motivate this audience, the campaign showed the middle finger to the codes of auto industry advertising. Instead, it instigated them to #VOTEFORCHANGE by initiating the world's first ever car election campaign.

Market Background

Maruti Suzuki Alto – The big daddy of the entry-level car category in India

In India, 'a small car' equals 'Maruti Suzuki Alto'. Maruti has dominated the entry-level car category for three and a half decades and with two extremely successful brands: Maruti Suzuki 800 (now discontinued) and Maruti Suzuki Alto (launched in 2000). For years now, Maruti Suzuki Alto has defined the category.