Campaign details

Brand: Czech Insurance Association
Agency: BeefBrothers
Country: Czech Republic


More than 500 people die on Czech roads every year and over 100,000 traffic accidents occur annually. The most common cause is people not paying attention while driving, and one of the leading causes of not paying attention are our phones.

A driver loses attention for approximately five seconds when writing a text message. During that short time span, they could travel 50-90 metres – the length of a football pitch. Opinion polls showed that 60% of drivers use their phones while driving, and a third of drivers sometimes text or chat. The statistics are grim. Insurers pay out more than CZK 550m every year for accidents where a driver had been using their mobile phone while at the wheel.


The aim of our Distractions Kill campaign for the Czech Insurance Association was to persuade the general public to change their behaviour and minimise their use of phones while driving.