Campaign details

Brand: Cadbury
Agency: BD Network
Country: United Kingdom

Challenge and business objectives

Throughout 2017, the chocolate singles (bars) category continued to suffer long-term decline. UK consumers (particularly younger audiences aged 16-24) were switching to other snacks and chocolate formats (like share bags), meaning that singles were struggling to maintain relevance during the afternoon snacking occasion. This loss of penetration was further compounded by store closures that led to reduced availability and visibility.

In 2018, Cadbury wanted to reverse these fortunes in retail and leverage its Premier League partnership (then entering its second year) in a sales promotion that would return its top-five bars (Double Decker, Boost, Crunchie, Twirl and Wispa) to growth and re-awaken brand love among football fans in the UK.

A core challenge was that the promotion could not appear on-pack and therefore needed to promote the five different bars equally in store, solely using POS and out-of-store touchpoints.