Campaign details

Brand: Burger King
Agency: Interaction
Country: Costa Rica

Challenge and business objectives

The political weather was complicated in Costa Rica, politicians were preaching hate instead of ideas, taking extremely dangerous positions towards topics such as LGBTI rights and religion. People also took their own positions and mimicked politicians’ behavior, spreading hate all over social networks.

Burger King wanted to calm things down between the candidates, to set an example of how the entire population should behave. The brand tried to achieve something that seemed impossible: to gather all 13 presidential candidates in a Burger King restaurant for them to have a peaceful meal.

With that in mind, we needed an action that flooded the media, showing people that politicians don’t actually hate one another, and that if even they could share a meal in the most tense moment of their campaigns, we could all get along too. Our actions gathered more politicians together in the public eye than broadcasted debates.