Campaign details

Brand: Aldi UK & Ireland
Agency: McCann
Country: United Kingdom

Executive summary

The challenge – Convince disloyal customers that at Aldi, you really can get more than you pay for.

The insight – Consumers’ love of and trust in well-known brands made shopping more at Aldi seem high risk.

The idea – Reveal the untold truth: most people liked Aldi products as much as more expensive, well-known brands.

Bringing the idea to life – People trust other people like themselves more than supermarkets: let shoppers tell each other how good Aldi’s products are.

The results – £1.14bn incremental revenue, 100+ TVCs, internationally adopted, UK’s ad of the year1 and of the decade (2010s),2 eight-year ROMI of 425%.

Market background & challenge

The outlook was bleak