Campaign details

Brand: Vaseline
Brand owner: Unilever
Lead agency: PHD Taiwan
Country: Taiwan
Industries: Skin care, sun protection
Media channels: Social media, Television
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

In Taiwan, body whitening care is not as developed as facial whitening care as part of a beauty routine among consumers. And the body lotion category sales figures suggested that most consumers normally purchase one bottle of whitening body lotion before the beginning of summer. So, every summer, the war in whitening products begins, with brands competing to be top of mind. Vaseline had to become the first brand to be thought of to stand a chance at triggering purchase.

The challenge was on to identify a compelling insight to evoke a body whitening need and link it to Vaseline with an engaging story. So, the strategy was to lead the audience's attention to erasing the tan line between face and body with Vaseline Whitening Body Lotion.