Campaign details

Brand: HP Spectre
Brand owner: HP
Lead agency: BBDO Japan
Country: Japan
Industries: PCs, computing
Media channels: Online video, Social media, Television, Word of mouth, influencers
Budget: 3 - 5 million

Executive summary

HP has traditionally struggled with saliency and relevance in Japan and so, attempting to change this, it decided to reverse the category norms and talk directly to an entirely overlooked, but relevant, audience – working women. Despite more women entering the workforce, no PC brand had thought it worth communicating to them. The Reinvent Stereotypes campaign addressed issues around women facing social stereotypical pressures by featuring three very recognisable situations that women faced in Japan's male dominated society.

The campaign started a meaningful conversation among both men and women, and achieved higher sales growth than the category benchmark.

Market background and objectives

Market background