Campaign details

Brand: Zhonghua
Brand owner: Unilever
Agency: PHD China
Country: China
Industry: Oral health
Media channels: Product placement, Sponsorship - media
Budget: 3 - 5 million

Executive summary

Zhonghua toothpaste elevated itself from being a heritage (aging) brand, pigeonholed in China's saturated, commoditised toothpaste category, to one capable of audaciously challenging the cosmetics category.

China is an image-focused country, where yellow teeth are a genuine cause of anxiety. Through its new innovation, Zhonghua allowed consumers to whiten their teeth.

By finding the right audience and brand partnership, we successfully bathed Zhonghua in a youthful light and delivered the brand promise of 'makeup for your smile'. The results were significant gains across brand and image metrics.

Market background and context