Campaign details

Brand: Vans
Brand owner: VF Corporation
Lead agency: Starcom, MRY
Country: United States
Industries: Sportswear
Media channels: Content marketing, Programmatic display, Social media, Word of mouth, influencers
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Vans enables everyone to become footwear designers by uploading their own artwork to create fully personalized shoes. Not like those other not-so-custom sneaker brand customizers. To grow sales, Vans needed to expand into new territories beyond action sports and music.

To get the word out about custom Vans and drive sales, we wanted to reach creators behind underground culture and trends that spread. We identified growth segments of illustrators, woodworkers, graphic designers, tattoo artists, landscape artists, foodie photographers, poets and cosplayers. What we found were highly relevant creators, but with a universe size and scale 75% less than what Vans was accustomed to reaching.