Campaign details

Brand: Unilever
Brand owner: Unilever Indonesia
Lead agency: Mindshare Indonesia
Country: Indonesia
Industries: Toiletries & cosmetics
Media channels: Content marketing, Mobile & apps, Online display, Online video, Programmatic display, Television, Word of mouth, advocacy
Budget: 500k - 1 million

Executive summary

Ramadan is like Christmas for Indonesian advertisers, therefore Unilever brands needed a way to get noticed and be relevant during the most cluttered time in media. Bearing in mind that Indonesia is a social-media-crazed country, in order to be relevant to users' needs, Unilever needed to dive deep. To this end, for the third year running, 17 Unilever brands tapped into consumer interests based on what they share on social media.

From the findings on social media, dynamic video assets were created based on these real-time insights. Insights were derived from Google Vision API showcased at Mindshare's media command centre. The team worked together to analyse data from 46,000 images throughout the course of two days. The insights were then used to employ more than 300 iterations of bumper ads. These highly contextual bumper ads cut through the noise. As a result, Unilever saw a 3.2% uplift in ad recall and a 1.6% uplift in favourability. The lift in creative interest was off the charts at 6.646%. During the first week live, the campaign reached 9.3 million people and during the crowded Ramadan season, Unilever managed to stand out.

Market background and context