Campaign details

Brand: Lifestyles, Blowtex
Brand owner: LifeStyles Healthcare (previously Ansell) 
Lead agency: +KNAUSS
Country: Brazil, United States
Industries: Contraceptives, family planning
Media channels: Online video, Social media
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive Summary

Sex sells. But smartness sells even better. The Ansell "Smart = Sexy" case in Brazil and the USA demonstrates how seamless thinking between brand strategy, creative execution and media implementation led to big-scale results, even for a small-scale player, without violating any "sexually suggestive" advertising guidelines.

Our challenge was to engage a young, male-centric audience through efficient digital-reach channels and build a consistent global brand equity.

With a "thumb-first" thinking approach, we leveraged the reach and engagement potential of Facebook and YouTube to the fullest. Focusing on smartphone users interacting with YouTube's skippable ads and Facebook's silent auto-play feature, we developed specific creative treatments that not only compensated for the technical media "bottleneck" features but turned them to our advantage.

Market background and context