Campaign details

Brand: SAP
Brand owner: SAP
Lead agency: PHD Singapore
Country: Asia
Industries: Information technology
Media channels: Programmatic display, Social media
Budget: 500k - 1 million

Executive summary

Challenged with sluggish growth, rising alternatives for enterprise solutions, and shorter key decision-maker lifespans in a category that tends to have long lead times, SAP had to find a better way to spark growth.

This case illustrates how SAP changed its strategy based on a simple human insight, that forced it to look internally at a buried treasure of high-value consumers in its databases, rather than looking for these same consumers externally.

This simple but significant change to how SAP approached B2B marketing allowed it to tap into a semi-forgotten, but incredibly valuable, consumer set, and helped it spark growth that allowed it to hit its annual targets in just nine months.

Market background and context