Campaign details

Brand: Nike
Brand owner: Nike
Lead agency: Mindshare China
Country: China
Industries: Sportswear
Media channels: Gaming & in-game advertising, Mobile & apps, Outdoor, out-of-home, Social media, Virtual & augmented reality, Word of mouth, influencers
Budget: 1 - 3 million

Executive summary

The 'sneakerdrop', also known as a shoe launch, has traditionally been the moment where the biggest shoe fans, or Sneakerheads, come together and feed off each other's excitement – a moment that has always happened just outside the Nike store itself, as the Sneakerheads queued up together waiting for the store to open.

However, this offline experience has taken a hit in China, where e-commerce has meant Sneakerheads no longer need to wait in line, offline – now they can simply order their shoes online at their convenience. The excitement of mega-queues has waned.